Downloading video events in-app from microSD card (Wyze Battery Cam Pro)

Hello. I notice that I’m not able to download any video events from the Wyze app for Wyze Battery Cam Pro (its currently only possible to download a picture ). Also, the “download” button only appears for today’s “recent events”. If user would like to download a motion event from last week, for example. the download button does not appear at all. I hope Wyze can add the option to download in-app motion video events from the microSD card in their future firmware updates. Also, anything that improves the signal strength for cameras placed further from the wifi router is helpful. Thank you.

The only way to download parts of the microSD card recording is to playback and record it. When playing back the video, there should be a record button. You can then record as long as you want, and when you stop it the video will be saved to your device.

This can be annoying for longer events, but the only alternative is to put the SD card in a computer and stitch the 1 minute videos together.