Download all videos - fastest way to download all footage from the day or two weeks

How can I download all videos from 2 week period?

I’m using the wyzecam as a pet cam and my bunny just passed away and I want to keep the videos of her on my laptop?

Thank you.


I don’t have any events to check but I think the latest software (maybe beta) let’s you download clips if they were saved to the cloud.
/edit - just checked. Yup you can download. Idon’t know where it puts it though.


Call up your individual clips and press the share button on each, then Save Video. It will be saved where you normally save clips.

Sorry about your bunny.


What do you mean? I know i can download 1 clip at a time and it saves to my iphone. The thing is there are so many 12 second clips and I want to download all of them before they are gone. I have already lost a few days. I want to save them all in bulk and then download them to my laptop or hard drive. Thank you.

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Hi, what do you mean? I am using the iphone app and when I call up the clips I can scroll down the page of clips. There are probably 100 clips there. I can’t see where I can share them.

If I go to each clip separately there is a share button. I just can’t see a way to share all the clips for one day.

Thank you for the reply. Thank you. I miss her so much.

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Unfortunately there is no bulk clip save function. It’s clip-by-clip.

Alternately, if you have an SD card you can go to View Playback and record any length segments from there.

As a matter of fact, if you have an SD card you should consider ejecting it so the videos don’t get overwritten, then copying the contents to your local PC. You can view the recorded steam there using something like VLC player.


I think I have an SD card but it was not in the camera when it was recording the clips. If I put the card in now can I record them from the cloud to the SD card then?
If so, how?

Thank you so much.

I think the clips will go directly to your device (Android iOS) storage.

Not from the cloud to the SD card, unfortunately. The SD card was meant more of a scratch workspace that would be periodically overwritten.

So you can save from the cloud to your Photos app, or to another iOS device like an iPad or Mac using AirDrop. You can also get them to iCloud or any other service using Files.

ok so it sounds as if I have to watch each clip one by one and then save each one. One at a time, as I was doing. I did not have an SD card in the camera. I guess I have to do a manual save one at a time.

Thanks anyway. Thank you.

That’s right, except you don’t have to actually watch the clip. As soon as you press Share the clip will stop, but all of it will be saved.

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Thank you.

Is there a direct way to get to the SD card videos using WiFi, and run them on a PC without removing the card from the Wyzecam?

I don’t see anything on my app that indicates that clips are being saved. How do I locate clips?

If this is an ongoing need, you might want to investigate getting this card, and this cable.

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The clips should be saved to the camera roll/album of your device. Check there

IT really depends on the phone. With my Samsung, they show up in the Gallery app, but the actual location on the internal storage of the device is /DCIM.

I’ve read a chunk of the thread, and was disappointed to read that there is no means to bulk download.

WYZE PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: hey guys, how about a means to bulk download cloud-stored vids?

I have a camera on a hummingbird nest. I get a zillion motion-detect hits because of wind and so on. It’s arduous–painful, even–to sort through them one by one on a smart phone. It would be much better to be able to download them to a desktop and review there.


I’m here - now pushing 3 years later and am in the exact same scenarios as the original poster. We were using the Cam v3 as a puppy cam, and to capture footage of some issues our dog was having to share with our vets. Now, as of two days ago, we had to say goodbye to our beloved pug of 13.5 years and i’d like to capture all of our footage without having to watch/open each one individually.

Unfortunately I didn’t have a SD card in the camera either which i’m kicking myself for. It’s heartbreaking to have to go through individually since we captured SO many videos during the days AND nights. I think it’s absolutely asinine that there isn’t a bulk download feature at this point. I’ve spoke with two reps via phone and chat and have been told the same thing. I’m working with the Facebook Wyze Community group with hopes that someone else knows a workaround in order to help. This is such a heartbreaking time and it’s ridiculous that there isn’t a way to do this.