Motion detection and notification barely working

I bought 3 cam-pan-v2 cameras in 2022, One of them hadn’t been installed until about a month ago. We had a problem with some roof rats getting into my attic and we’re using the camera to help catch them. It worked great the first couple of weeks. . My notifications are set to all motion and all sound, no schedule, sensitivity at 100%, continuous recording to SD card. I noticed I’m not getting many notifications over the past week. So i pulled up an event, then went to the playback from that event and backed up the time. There is A LOT of very noticeable motion not triggering the motion alerts. It used to be so touchy, I had to turn on tagging because it was picking up motion I couldn’t even notice without the tagging. Now, there is out in the open complete motion and it’s not registering at all, or it starts the even 10 or 15 seconds into it. I am too new to the forums to upload a clip from my SD card, but it’s definitely stuff that should be picked up.
Any suggestions?