Motion Detection and Night Vision Failed

I accidentally soaked my Pan camera with a pressure washer. It died a rather horrible death. I immediately ordered its replacement which arrived 2 days later.

During setup it said that a Firmware update (beta) existed and did I want to update which I did. The update proceeded normally and the camera happily purred along. It updated to the .50 release by the way.

I noticed that I was not receiving any movement notifications even when I should have. That night I noticed that even with the IR lights on the night vision was terrible. Very dark. I downloaded and manually flashed the latest beta firmware which installed fine no issues. But no improvement either.

So on a whim today I backed up to the .40 firmware and reflashed the camera. Voila! Motion detection is back and night vision is, pardon the pun, night and day improved.

Don’t know why the .40 works and .50 does not but there it is.

Hello @rbruceporter, by any chance while you were on the .50 version did you submit any logs via the Wyze app?

I was indeed on the .50 version. And unfortunately I did not submit any logs. I keep forgetting to do that.