Motion alerts thru glass (window)?

Have 2 v2 camera’s one under an eave overlooking the driveway and one covering the front porch. Both give me motion alerts. Have the other camera’s looking out thru windows around the house and even with motion alerts set they don’t send alerts. Does the window glass interfere with the motion detection? Slowing increasing the sensitivity to see if that will allow them to send motion alerts.

Glass should not interfere with motion detection since it’s based on frame to frame comparison. I don’t have any trouble with mine that are pointed out windows.

I’m sure you’re aware that you can’t turn on night vision on a camera that’s looking through glass since the IR light reflects off the glass and blows out the image.

If you haven’t already, turn on Motion Tracking and see if the green boxes indicate motion for things you can see moving yourself.

Motion tracking is enabled on all cameras and green boxes show up on all of them. Does the 5 minute cool down after a alert effect all cameras in this case a total of 7 or just the one that recorded the alert? All cameras looking thru Windows have IR turned off.

The cool down is per camera per alert type. So, with 7 cameras, you could conceivably get 28 alerts in the same five minute period (7 cameras times 4 alert types).

Thank you, I’ll reset the cameras to see if that corrects the issue.

I also have several cameras looking through glass (both house double pane window glass, and vehicle windshield). I get alerts from all three cameras just fine.


Problem resolved. The window frame was partially blocking the sensor under the lens. Raised the camera’s to clear the frame and all are reporting motion alerts. Thank you for the help.


I wrote because I have this exact problem, but i dont use the WYZE camera, i bought the Spot camera from And guess what? They have ALL The problems that youfolks have. So, who really made these cameras? I think the Chinese did, because has a DBA in Sunnyvale California. They all have the same issues that you and all the WYZE users do. So…

The problem is not that your camera is behind a window, it is a bug in the software because if you go back and reset your camera or reinstall it, you will find that when you set the MOTION sensor ONLY like I do, to monitor the people in my back yard, it works some times and not other times. I have three cameras and never used this feature but one day I decided to install it in the window because of some strange people in my backyard. Thats when I noticed that it works some times and not others and says they are working to fix it, but it has been six months that they have this issue, if not longer, and guess what? They cannot fix a problem because this is NOT their product, just like WYZE cannot fix it because it also is NOT their camera…I have a feeling these are made in China, then sold to whomever, and companies just slap a name like Spot or WYZE on it and then sell them to us.


Ive filed a report on and encourage others to do the same. This cant be a coincidence because the Spot and the WYZE look exactly alike and have THE SAME EXACT issues, and I think ive figured it out today.

I dont think this is your issue, this is a problem with the maker of the camera, and I’m just going to paste my response to figuring this all out today.


You can see my post above. I came to this forum looking for info on my Spot camera, sold by ismartalarm in Sunnyvale CA. I think the WYZE and spot camera are EXACTLY THE SAME. All the issues you folks have with your camera are the same with In fact, maybe they are the same company and they use different names??? OR, which is what i think is the truth, these are all made in China. The owners have Chinese names, at The Spot camera is exactly the same as the WYZE camera. Maybe im losing my marbles here but it seems that these companies just buy the same cameras, give them different names and then sell them!

Why do i say this, because I have all the same problems with my camera that you guys do. And the ismartalarm people have a warranty but have refused to refund or replace my 3 cameras!! All the problems you have and people are mentioning are the SAME EXACT problems!

I was told that ismartalarm is working hard to fix this issue but I worked for software companies and they dont take 6 months to fix these serious issues which make their cameras and products USELESS. I’m looking for people who might want to join a US Canada based Class Action Suit against these companies, and I have a feeling that they are shipping from the US but are really in China. Feel free to contact me at cjplourdeatgmaildotcom.

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Your right is not Wyze’s camara. They buy them from an overseas company then overweight the software. When Wyze first came out there were som articles about that on www. The cameras were one of the best cheap cameras and was used to keep cost down. You can see it for sale on web sights of course it doesn’t have wyze software.

That’s strange, a year ago Isaac at Wyze Suuport said “No. The PIR Motion Sensor isn’t capable of detecting motion through the glass.”

This 2-year old thread is in reference to Wyze v2 cams that don’t use a PIR sensor for motion detection.

Isaac was probably referring to either the Wyze Sense Motion Detector or the Wyze Cam Outdoor, both of which rely on a PIR sensor and neither can detect motion though glass.

That doesn’t make any sense. As you said it’s a 2 year old thread. Wyse Cam Outdoor didn’t exist so how could Isaac have been referring to it?

Post a link to what you’re referring to with regards to Isaac.