Most boring video ever BUT peace of mind

Okay so this is probably the most boring Wyze video you’ll ever see. Since I had a gen one camera that I replaced, a thought occurred to me to turn it into a sump pump monitor.

Works great and I learned the dang thing runs waaay more often than I thought. Usually I just get a sound alert and I have them turned off for the most part. I check periodically though when we get really bad area flooding, so I can see the pattern and that it’s running regularly.

Thanks. Just thought I’d mention it. $20 peace of mind.


Hey Ron!

It might be fun to put the sound track under another visual of the same length. Like a robot urinating, or something. :robot: :toilet:

I notice you’ve been around from virtually wyze-day-one. User name “Ron.” Can’t get one like that, anymore. Not no how. :wink:


That’s great! I have one monitoring my Gas Hot Water Heat Boiler under my house just in case. Great use! But you’re right/ wouldn’t curl up on a rainy night just to watch


Can hardly wait for episode II. That is a very practical use for an extra Cam. Hope you copy-righted this before Disney or Netflix steals it.


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Wrong part of the robo-anatomy depicted but you get the drift. :slight_smile:

You’re not the only one. I have a camera monitoring a run light on a sewage pump. If the light lights it sends an alert video. I just count how many per day/week.

We did that too! Just to be able to check when away from home and to make sure it’s still running.

I had seen this post a few months back and thought is was a good idea then. But didn’t do anything like it.
But, now that I am starting to swap out my V2s with V3s, this give me a GREAT use for one of the old V2s.
Thanks again for the idea!

Yup! My favorite use is pointing it at my VHS to DVD dub station. This year all the family and in-laws dropped boxes of vhs tapes at my house. Keeps it simple and easy to spot when i need to go stop the transfer and swap tapes out. I just use the RSTP feature and keep it up on my tablet at my desk.

Considering sticking the old ones in my craw space and attic just for monitoring any potential rodents… and the wife has already asked me to put an old one in the chicken coop lol!

I put a WCO in my attic to watch a mouse trap up there. I would use a V2, but I don’t have an outlet up there. Caught 3 mice in the last 6 weeks. :+1:

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Ah, yes i have an outlet installed next to the attic light. You could try one of those lightbulb socket adapters.
Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 1.31.01 PM
Awesome on catching mice, i’ve had this problem… a huge hole in an exterior soffit out of view from the ground. Best of luck! And, Killer community… such a cool chill group of people!

I’ll have to look, but I don’t think there is even a light in this attic. It’s not a usable space. But, I’ll have to see if there are any junction boxes up there that I could tap into. Thanks for the idea.

Wow I never thought of all these other uses, Mouse trap monitor, who’d a thunk it? Great suggestions.


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By the you can buy a 20ft usb cord on Amazon that powers these older ones okay. For those hard to reach places. I tried a big battery pack but could only get like 8 hours.


Boring, but very practical. I did the same thing a few years ago with an old Logitech camera. The only issue I had was a spider that lived somewhere in the sump pit that would only show itself on camera. Can’t tell you how many notifications I got because that guy/gal was crawling about.

I have one doing the exact same… saved my butt one time oO ( I was telling a co-worker about my WYZE cams and how I put one to monitor my sump pump after a previous basement flood. Pull my camera to show my co-worker only to find my Vivint flood monitor under water, rushed home and was able to divert yet another basement flood). And dumped Vivint. :slight_smile:

I got lucky