02:28 AM Bike ride

This guy doesn’t look to suspicious, checking the cars. I watched the video from the SD playback and he didn’t have any luck. Sometimes I think I should leave my motion flood light turned off, better view.

View with lights off:


Around here, a fair number have upgraded to electric bikes in the past year. And 2:30a to ~4:30a is still most active.

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Maybe I’ll mount a dual .50 Caliber system on my roof and set it for human only from 00:00:01 to 04:45 AM. auto mode. :grin:

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some humans do look like a :raccoon:.
How would Wyze A.I. tell the difference?
sometimes it couldn’t tell people/pet.

Make sure you drag them into your house after turning them into Swiss cheese

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:rofl: I would get a military grade A.I.system :boom: :boom: :boom:
Maybe I should also arm the :raccoon: :raccoon: gang with .308 rifles. They know a bad person when they see one.


Where can I buy one? Must cost millions.

Probably China :rofl: :rofl:

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Since the ? guy made a quick U turn when my motion floods came on I think I will keep it that way. The Spotlight on the V4 has the same effect of making things darker in my use case which is why I have it turned off.

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