Had a drunk guy come down my street


yeahhh, I think you did. Well, he came down the street and half way back up your street.


He got a visit from 4 cops, he got a dui and had to have a flatbed take his car. It is hard to tell in the video but it is a lot of damage, if you look closely you can see him take 3 driveway markers out at the ditch line when he goes into it, tearing it all up and then destroying the end of a concrete driveway culvert while making it shift out of place.

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Only four? This one is 8-10 worthy. They all want a chance to kick, beat, tase and pile on, to someone that can’t recognize what’s going on.

We regularly see for at each traffic stop. You know, they all claim Officer Safety, yet the departments whine they can’t hire because no on wants the job. Wonder why no one wants the job, (he said with sarcasm dripping from his lower lip).

Is it just me or the sound wasn’t clear?
May I suggest to replace the camera for v4?

I agree the sound was off. Well, maybe not off. Sounded like a wheel was missing, though there were no sparks. I don’t think the camera had anything to do with it.

Did the cam suddenly stop working when the cops arrived?

You are correct the sound was not off. He already had one blown tire when he came down the street. This was his excuss for being on my dead end street.


No it records 24/7. This is just the actual incident clip. I didn’t think anyone want to look at over an hour and half of video footage.

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No it is fine. It is a Floodlight V2. A fairly new release.

My mom always said nothing good happens at 1:37am.


Would it be better at 1:38 am?


Probably ran over something else before coming to visit you. At least his Hazard flashers were on. :rofl: :rofl:


:rotating_light: Safety first! :rotating_light:


We were on ‘The Hill’ an old Italian neighborhood in St . Louis on Saturday. I saw this under a Ford Focus.

My guess is the driver was inebriated and drove with the flower pot under their car for a minute. Must have made a heck of a noise that will still be there the next day.

Them dang crazy Ford drivers lmao. It was a 2021 Ford Fusion in my video.