Saved by motion alert

Away from the house when I got the alert. Wait for 40 second mark. I’m impressed

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Very nice. That could have been a major problem if not discovered.

Nice capture.

Apparently you left the faucet valve turned on and just capped the end of the house with a handle that you press to turn it on. Pressure on the hose eventually gave out. Interesting video.

roomate washed his car. dumbass! funny part is he wasn’t happy when i hooked up cams. wait ill he sees this


He’ll enjoy the explosion, but maybe not so much that you can prove it is his fault…he can’t claim it would’ve been fine if someone or something didn’t step on or bump or hit the hose to make it pop…you have evidence that nothing else intervened, it was just him leaving it on and no other external cause.

Might not make him like the cameras more if they take away excuses from responsibility…drives my daughter crazy that way anyhow

lol true