Morning Smoke

My poison of choice would be any of the Glens. I also enjoy a cold beer and a good wine. Not to mention an occasional Cuban. :grin:

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I don’t smoke or drink, but I think I’m good company without them (I haven’t had a drink in close to 20 years). :slight_smile:

Although, sometimes when there are a TON of people around for a long time I decide I’d rather be an introvert for the moment. :joy: I’m better company in smaller groups where it’s not a chaotic circus of emotion and attention competitions. Meh, in my experience, the larger the group the more it becomes showmanship and fakery instead of realness.

But put me with a few interesting people and we can have deep dives into any number of the coolest non-superficial conversations and playfulness.

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:point_up: This guy. Also relatable.


I also have an aortic aneurysm. Docs are monitoring it.

When they put a pacemaker in, I got very depressed. VERY. But not to the point of doing something foolish. Fortunately my boss (multi-millionaire phd microbiologist who bought the shop as a hobby) was very understanding. Apparently when something like a pacemaker is implanted, depression is normal. I used to just sit on the sofa doing nothing for hours. Sometimes I didn’t even want to do that.
My left eye is shot because of unmonitored blood pressure. Did the laser thing that messes with the blood vessels in the eye (not LASIK) which made it worse. That was my good eye.
Hearing is shot because of air hammers, impacts, etc.
Body is shot. Arthritis in the knees, hips, shoulder (but not the back yet, thankfully)
My diet is crap. I LOATHE vegetables. I am like Newman and broccoli. Vile weed. Same with cauliflower, green beans, anything healthy tastes like crap. Add stuff to make it taste better and the healthy aspect goes out the window.

Doc wants me below 200. I started with him at 235 and am hovering around 218 give or take a few pounds. I don’t exercise because of the arthritis,

Never was a drinker. I have several friends that have their liquor displayed in their living room like a shrine. In my younger days I would do tequila sunrise and rum and coke because they didn’t taste like booze.
Once a month I will have a Coors light (stopped drinking all Bud products after the Dylan Mulvaney crap
I have a medical marijuana card and am at the dispensary at least once a week. The taxes are crazy. If I bought $100 of weed as a recreational purchase, the tax would be at least $30.00. As a medical card holder, the tax is less than $2.00
Sometimes I get wordy (like now) under the influcnece but it does help with the pain.

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Yup. I imagine your physicians have also told you that vascular issues (like the carotid thing) usually aren’t isolated, so this doesn’t surprise me.

My sense is that depression is a well-recognized (though perhaps not well-understood) phenomenon in cardiac patients, not just implantees. I’m glad that your boss understood that, and I hope you received appropriate treatment.

:point_up: I added a relevant video link. :grin:

That one can be kind of a double-edged sword. In some ways, exercise can actually help arthritis symptoms, but there’s a limit to that, and our bodies tend to use the pain component of inflammation as a signal for us to give it a rest. I’m glad you’ve been able to make some progress toward the weight goal, and I hope you’re able to find some kind of movement that helps you continue that. I’m a firm believer in movement of the body being good for the brain.

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Same here, I get a full body ultrasound every six months. The aneurysm hasn’t changed in the last six months, so that’s good. My neck arteries are slightly blocked but the dock things nothing to be concerned with.

I am in the same boat as you. Vegetables are rabbit food and look what happens to rabbits. They end up being fox food :laughing:

I was 235 as well and managed to come down to 190 with Ozempic’s help, good thing I am diabetic. :wink: I don’t exercise as I have bad knees and I am also lazy :grin:

I used to be a heavy drinker for a very long time, a bottle of scotch in two days. I’m surprised the liver didn’t crap on me. Now I’ll have couple of beers maybe and occasional glass of scotch.

I stay away from any kind of drugs as I have highly addictive personality.

Looks like, misery loves company :rofl:


Dang! Are you sure that’s your house?? It looks like he owns the place!! :joy:

Are you implying that the :fox_face: thinks it’s a :cat:?

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It definitely looks that way. He/she goes in the backyard and then only God knows where. :slight_smile:

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What is it?


Kidding. Thought I might be the first to use the word on the site but no. :slight_smile:


I new instantly who this was. :grin:

“Larks’ tongues, otters’ noses, ocelot spleens….”

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:laughing: Ocelot, son of Camelot and Judicia (:point_left: serves coffee in a :bikini: out the window of her tiny :house_with_garden:. )

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I just saw that other topic (I don’t think it was linked before). Thanks for providing the tie-in, 'cause I really had no idea whence that arose.

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