More visible packaging for in store sales

Story time:

So I was shopping last week at Home Depot for some other items and saw some Wyze Plugs in a display and having been procrastinating on ordering more picked up a pack.

A few days later…

Go to open them up and install them, cut the sticker on the lid and open it up… 14 Packs of Taco Bell sauces… No plugs.

So back to Home Depot, praying they don’t think I’m crazy. Thankfully (for me) customer service says this isn’t the first time and to go grab another one. Go grab one, give it a bit of a squeeze test, more sauce. Found 3 more that way. Got my exchange for a good one. They took the QC label off to which made it easier to tell once we figured it out.

So maybe putting a window on the package would deter some of the idiots that are trying way to hard to get these.

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If I’m understanding you correctly, what appeared to be a normal package of Wyze plugs actually contained Taco Bell sauce packs? If that’s so, it could be a very local case of a thief surreptitiously stealing the plugs and substituting sauce. If it’s something more widespread, Wyze will certainly want to know about it.

Could you please submit a Support Request on this so Wyze can determine the specific Home Depot and look into it? Thanks.


I’ll share this with the team though I’m not certain how much control we have over hot sauce thievery. Sorry this happened to you!


When I was in retail things like this were fairly common. There was a gang that for the initiation you had to do so much damage to stuff at a store. So they would bring in box cutters and literally slice down stacks of folded jeans and ruined all of them by cutting them. And they would just go and do as much cutting as they could before we saw them and then they would leave. so thievery and this kind of thing are a way of the world unfortunately

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if sales start rising because people are actually looking for the sauces then it might be an even bigger cause for concern…