More than one Network

I have added several more cameras that are on two different networks from my original ones shared to me through work. I get notifications from the original, but none from the two new networks. I can view them fine, but the dont send me any notifications or show in events. All the settings are the same.

What could it be?

You said that the cameras at work are on a different network (which is not an issue at all), but you also said that they are shared with you. Assuming you mean that they are on a different Wyze account, that is the problem. Notifications go to the account holder - not shares.

Does that answer your question?

No it is exactly the opposite. The first ones were shared from work and the last I bought for home and shop.

The key is which account they are on. Are you the account holder (in other words, is it your E-Mail that is used to log into)? If you are the account holder, you will receive notifications that are set up. If the camera is on a different account and is shared with you, you will not see notifications. Shares also can’t view playback for cameras that have uSD cards.

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