More Lock status indicators on the Device List and Lock (beep)

The Lock Device in the device list should show

  • Trash Mode active or not
  • Battery Level
  • Delayed locking pending
  • open/close switch (like Wyze Plugs on/off)

Rationale for showing Trash Mode on/off
If you see the door locked (someone locked it while in trash-mode) there is no indication if trash-mode is active or not! And if delayed locking is on, you might leave without knowing the door will not lock.

Rationale for battery level

  • It takes too many taps to find the battery level, and
  • too many people don’t realize that the locks starts misbehaving when the battery gets low, and
  • going on vacation with low battery means having to figure out a plan-B for getting into the house.

Rationale for Delayed locking
Provides reassurance that the unlocked door will soon be locked as opposed to being in Trash Mode or having a bad battery. Less of an issue if the prior two indicators are present.
This indicate could be complemented with the lock emitting a sound when the door closes to inform the user that it will actually lock at some point (delayed locking pending) vs never (trash mode pending, or dead battery).

When I look at all of my devices to make sure everything is locked, clear or closed I think it would be very helpful if the lock handle on the icon was rotated to be horizontal to appear locked as it does in person. At a glance, this would be more accurate a majority of the time since it has an auto-lock capability and the lock locks the doors after a short amount of time.

The lock gives me notifications of when it is unlocked or locked. It should give me a notification when the battery is low. I have had several time that low batteries caused me or my wife to be almost locked out. The way it is I am forced to carry a key all the time or to constantly open the app and drill down into the lock to find out if the batteries are low. I have two locks so I have to do it twice. This seems to be a simple fix to the app. Also, when I do change the batteries it takes forever for the app to recognize that I have done so.

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It would be more useful to show the battery percentage on the home page of the Wyze Lock right under the battery icon, rather than nesting it within the settings. Currently it requires many taps within the settings pages to find the percentage. This should be simplified for users.

Wyze Lock battery level

The Wyze Cam Outdoor shows the battery charge level at the top level in the app without having to burrow into the “Device” submenu.

How about showing the battery level on my Wyze locks the same way so I’ll know at a glance if it’s approaching time to get some new batteries?