Wyze Lock: Trash Mode Button

I think it would be nice to have a physical button on the lock that would initiate Trash Mode.

I love the idea of the Trash Mode feature but haven’t been able to get it to work well. I essentially have to flip my lock 10+ times quickly until it beeps. I think it would be nice when carrying things out the door to be able to hit a quick button and know that when you come back for the second load of things that it hasn’t locked on you.

My apartment door doesn’t stay open, instead it swings itself shut which makes it hard to use the auto-lock feature when I’m trying to make two trips or take the garbage out.

In my opinion they should just make a widget which is another wish list that you can vote on and in the widget you could enable what devices you want to be able to turn on and off and which ones you don’t. And trash mode could be one of those things instead of having a whole separate thing for trash mode.

Which by the way I think it’s a completely ridiculous feature because I don’t know why people can’t just leave your door unlocked for 15 seconds while you run to the curb or leave your door popped open for 15 seconds while you’re out but that’s just me that’s my opinion. If it works for some people and they like it great!

I’d be happy with even a rule/shortcut to initiate trash mode

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Did you read my whole post? I want the door to stay unlocked, just not open. I’m in an apartment, my door doesn’t stay open, it’s not 3 feet to my car, I have to walk down the stairs and depending on how good of a spot I could get I may have to walk a bit to my car, that would freeze my place out. Plus, when I take the trash out it is even farther as I have to walk about a block to the dumpster.

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If they also made it something Alexa could do that would be awesome as well. I could tell Alexa I’m taking out the trash and that would trigger a routine that sets trash mode. Even easier than hitting a button. But I like the button for people who don’t know the system as well, say a friend who comes over, they may not remember what to say to Alexa but they would be able to remember to hit the button to get back in, haha.


It would require an entirely new design of the lock I don’t see that happening. Especially with the keypad coming out

I guess it’s not a big deal for me to throw a set of keys in my pocket when I walk out the door. Or my phone. I don’t need to go through a 30 second procedure to make my door work so that I can get back in. But like I said hey if some people want it it’s another feature great

yeah being able to initiate via Alexa would be cool too…I don’t see them changing the design for a button…so having a software option would be ideal.

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I also have issues with putting the lock in “trash mode”. Usually have to turn the lock 5-6 times. An Alexa command would be so nice!

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How about just providing an update to make trash mode actually work. So far it is garbage. I spend more time trying to set the lock to trash mode, just the right speed or whatever it takes to get it to stay in unlocked than I would just getting my phone out and unlocking the door. Pointless…take my dog out each night and the lock won’t set to trash mode until 5 or 6 attempts.

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I agree, sometimes initiating trash mode is difficult. It would be nice to be able to initiate trash mode through the app or a widget

If you bought the keypad, do you still have issues with this?

Since you can enter the pin when coming back to the door

Having the keypad is a very nice addition. Gives ease of mind to be sure that if I leave my phone in the house to grab something from my car or take out the trash or grab a package from our Amazon Hub that I won’t be locked out. But I still like the idea of an easier trash button.

I even like the idea of turning off the auto-lock for other reasons. For example, friends or family coming over in a few minutes, it is sometimes nicer to turn off the auto-lock function for them so they can come in when they get there. Sometimes I am bringing things in that take both of my hands and it’s easier to not have to worry about the door locking (or in my case, if I leave the door cracked open because it auto-swings shut but not all the way closed sometimes, it can cause the deadbolt to smash the frame/trim around the door if I don’t make it back before the auto-lock goes off.)

So, in short, yes the keypad does help and does solve problems, but a trash mode type of thing is a little bit more about a comfort and additional feature and so I think could be made a bit better. I still find myself having to set down all my garbage to set the trash mode sequence and then it only works half of the time and I just give up at that point because it already feels like it takes a long time.


I think this would be great for a Lock v2 and wouldn’t be hard to add. Wouldn’t be anytime soon in sure but eventually I’m sure they update. I kind of feel like 2 programmable buttons on top would be perfect. That way you can customize for your purposes. One for trash mode, one for off all together. Suppose you could cycle through presets with a single button but anyway.

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The Wyze lock is great and it was very easy to install, I have it working and set up all features and would like to suggest a modification to the [trash mode] because it is difficult for me to set,

Open lock>>>Close Lock>>>Open Lock>>>Listen for beep. I can set it but sometimes I turn it too fast or sometimes I turn it too slow and sometimes I can’t hear the verification tone.

I suggest to put a button on the housing that puts the lock in trash mode the same way the open/close/open but much easier, for me and I would guess for many others too.

Lock users please vote for this. :grinning: