Wyze door lock trashmode enhancement

In a similar request but slightly different from others. I have found that the trash mode does not always work well. I would like to suggest that a feature be incorporated that would allow you to enable auto lock but at the same time disable the feature if the lock is manually unlocked. Then be activated either manually or by a lock sequence on the app. Thus preventing from getting locked out of the house inadvertently or not requiring a timer or other function

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I have a smart lock on my back door. I find myself going back and forth throughout the day at times not wanting the door to lock (based on my 5 minute setting) especially if im grilling, watering plants, etc.

I would love to have a setting where I could enter a code on my keypad that would toggle trash mode on or off or snooze auto lock for a designate amount of time.

I love trash mode but often struggle to get it engaged. When it’s engaged, in lieu of the above feature, maybe a sub setting that will allow for trash mode to be engaged for a specified amount of time (user configured).