More info needed

  1. What’s the USB output port use for?

  2. Sdcard, is that for manual record only? I don’t real want it to alert me. Like it to record or capture to Sdcard or email.

  3. Possible? Email alert?

  1. The USB-A port on the V2/V1 camera is to daisy chain another camera for power only. You can daisy chain up 2 additional cameras. The USB-A on the Pan Cam will also eventually allow recording to an inserted thumb drive (not yet implemented).
  2. Yes, the microSD card is to capture video locally, either continuously or motion event only. It is completely independent of the cloud alert video clips.
  3. You can get motion alerts via email by using the IFTTT integration, but not natively in the Wyze app. For this to work, cloud alert notifications must be turned on.

Thanks for reply.

With ifttt, does it just notify via email or does it upload vdo/pix to email?

Cloud alternative: since it’s already connected to my home network possible to have recorded to NAS not sdcard? This way if thief were to run off with camera I would have image saved.

Any email generated by IFTTT will not include a video or photo.

The option to store video on a NAS has been requested fairly often, so it may be something that Wyze decides to implement. I don’t know of any specific plans.

Thank again. I think my best option would be upload to Google drive. See it available in ifttt. What’s the location of my video?

Where router is wyzecam ip.<!–more–>

The feature to upload video to a third party cloud service has been requested often, it is on the list, but I don’t know when or if it will be released.

There is no API for access to the video directly from the camera’s IP at this time.

That’s disappointing. ifttt has the cloud upload options. You are saying that it’s not working? Security not really security then I see if a thief were to run off with your camera.

I’m not saying it’s broken. I’m saying that Wyze’s IFTTT does not include an action to upload a clip to anywhere except their own cloud. I don’t know that it’s possible for Wyze to implement such an IFTTT action.

@nauttboy This feature was ever implemented? Access file over the network feature.