Can pan V3 - continuous recording

I have a micro SD card in my new camera. It is set to continuous recording and has event detection on for motion detection. It is not continuously recording though.
Is the only option for continuous recording to use the cloud services with subscription?

I’m confused because I have other brands of indoor tilt/pan cameras that take SD cards and they continuous record on a loop to the SD card, with settings options for a schedule. They also allow for motion alerts while continuously recording and that’s what I was hoping for with the Wyze cam, but for outdoors.

Nope. I don’t use any subscriptions. I just use continuous recording with event tagging on my Cam Pan v3s :cam_pan_v3:, and it generally works as I expect.

That’s what your Wyze camera should be doing, as well. It should fill up your microSD card with individual 1-minute recordings stored within an hour and date folder hierarchy, as described elsewhere. Once the card is full of recordings, the camera should begin overwriting the oldest recordings to reuse the available storage.

I can’t speak to options for a schedule, though I suppose you might be able to do that with Rules in the Wyze app once you’ve confirmed that the recording is working the way you want it to.

That’s what I do with mine (regarding alerts). That’s set in Notifications.

Are you sure that the camera recognizes your microSD card? That’s where I’d start. From the Wyze app home screen, tap a camera > Settings :gear: (upper-right) > Advanced Settings > Manage MicroSD Card. On that screen, you can format the card, but it should also give an indication of the card’s total capacity and what’s been used so far.

If that appears to be correct, then look at the previous screen and make sure Record to MicroSD Card is toggled on and that Continuous (not Events Only) is selected.

Then if you back out to the previous Settings screen, you can tap into Notifications, turn those on, and make your selections there (and then also set your options in Detection Settings from the main Settings screen). After setting those, it might also be worth a Restart from the main Settings screen (probably not necessary but something I tend to do out of habit when making changes).

Does any of that help or at least answer any of your questions? If necessary, I can grab some screenshots to illustrate some of the things I’m talking about. In any case, welcome to the Forum!

Are you viewing the SDcard recording or the cloud recording? Because the cloud recording is never continuous. When viewing recordings, it’s easy to conflate the two.

I read a post about issues with the memory cards, so I tried reformatting and reinstalling the memory card and that fixed my problem. My camera is now continuously recording to the memory card as I wanted.

Thank you all so much for your help!

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