Automatically Upload Recorded Events on micro SD Card to Cloud


I would like to suggest a feature to AUTOMATICALLY upload clips from my Wyze Cam Pan’s micro SD card to a cloud service of my choosing, e.g. Dropbox.

This would be for when the camera’s Local Recording setting is set to “Record events only”.

If someone enters my home and trashes/steals the camera/micro SD card, I would be missing video footage of the incident.

<span style=“line-height: inherit;”>The 12 seconds stored in the AWS cloud is great and all, but if the camera has recorded more footage beyond the 12 seconds, </span>
then it may prove helpful in any Police/Insurance investigation. i would not be able to view the recorded video in such cases.

I had a previous security camera that uses IFTTT to automatically upload clips to Dropbox.

Since video is recorded to the micro SD card in 1 minute increments, they shouldn’t be too difficult to upload in the same manner?

Just another feature to improve our peace of mind !


I’ve added your idea for recording to personal cloud storage to Wyze’s feature request tracker.

Would LOVVEE to have this feature, and would buy much more devices if this existed!

Wanted to keep this topic top of mind since the cool down period limits getting critical views when something is happening.