More devices displayed on one screen (tiled view)

With at least name, status, last activation,
Would like to see up to 9 status views.
As it is I can only get 5 on a screen.
/edit and be able to group them, with or without cams

I like it. I like the idea of seeing more so that a quick glance should show the status of the house.

Might be for another thread but I’d also like to see the events from the contact sensors and the motions be added to the “Events” tab in the app, instead of having to go to each sensors page to see it’s daily history. I do realize that it would clutter up the “events” page in the app, unless it only adds there if the individual sensor has the notifs turned on maybe?


We’ll keep an eye on this topic but this will probably not happen. Though we are looking at sensor grouping. :slight_smile:


Sensor grouping would be a start.
/edit - Man! That was quick! Quick trip through the new Beta shows I can still only get about 5 sensors on one screen. Too much screen space is taken up by the graphic of the sensor.

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The method of reporting for the contact sensors is poor IMHO. Having to go to each sensor and checking through a long list that has much to much white space is not helpful. I have 1 bridge with 4 sensors and already it is too much. I was considering 20 or so sensors but checking would be a fulltime job. Clearly, this is a first generation report and I am sure you will be making many improvements. A push notification and Time of Day scheduling (as with the cameras) is also needed.

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I just set up a remedy for this on my end. Made an ifttt applet for each type of thing (contact sensors, motion sensors, cameras) that reports to a single Google sheet what occurs.

Unfortunately the cameras don’t have a function to label themselves in a separate column. Yet? Wishlist request maybe? :slight_smile: I don’t know if that’s a Wyze thing or an ifttt concern though. Creating or being able to use a “CameraName” function.
Ifttt screenshots mashup:

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I would also agree that sensor grouping and contact grouping would make it easier to monitor them. It would be nice to have an alert for individual sensors, but at least I can activate a camera and that will give me an alert


I agree. We’ve been told improvements are coming for sensors so I really hope grouping; a single consolidated view of all sensor events, and better use of white space is coming. It’s painful currently to have to go in and out of each one individually. **Ideally I would like to see a toggle on the events page that switches between the ‘all camera events’ view, and a new ‘all sensor events’ view. *


Sadly the new grouping feature makes it harder to do this.

I’m proud to say I now have 12 Wyze devices. Unfortunately, I can only see 6 at a time in the home screen. I would like to be able to see at a glance which doors are open, what rooms have motion and (eventually) what lights are on. The current view only allows 6 devices to be seen at a time. I would prefer the ability to condense the row view into a more compact tile view, to see everything in one quick glance. I feel like you could easily fit 3 door sensors, or motion sensors in each row, which would be a much better use of space, instead of a full row per sensor.

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first off this is definately a maybe later iten :slight_smile:

With the multitude of Wyze devices rolling out I and others have no doubt noticed that the home screen is quickly becoming cramped and not all of your devices are available at a glance on the home screen.

especially if you don’t utilize the grouping feature…I can imagine it might be one long tedious scroll to see the status of a single device.

it would be nice to have an optional layout similar to how tinycam gives you several grid layouts to choose from.

one idea/ visualization I came up with ( forgive my very crude Photoshop and liberty with device names) was a 2x6 layout.

instead of including a small image of a device, to give details within a smaller space only include the device name and its status. most people name their devices in such a way that an image is generally not needed.

all other things such as rules or entering a group view would remain the same. this would only be a change to the home screen layout and devices would still be able to be grouped with the group then taking up one tile.


Bam’s layout would be awesome. I’ve only got 5 cameras, 4 plugs, and sensors. Probably not simple but would make ease of use much better.

This is definitely something that would be useful. It’s a pain to have to scroll through so many devices to get to what you need. Grouping is okay, but I’d prefer this.

I think a Dashboard would be ideal, one for the Phones and another for computers / tablets. I came from Hubitat which allowed for individuals to create their own Dashboard and apply the smart devices they would like to see with visual changes if something was open or on. Here is a sample Hubitat screen short as an example.

This was My Dashboard


This is the closest item I found that describes what I am looking for as well. Now that Wyze has quite an ecosystem of devices including cameras, bulbs, sensors, locks, and soon doorbell and thermostat – a multi-display dashboard app that could view or control many of these items at once would be incredibily useful and powerful. It would also tie the whole ecosystem together in a powerful interface.

This would be a replacement for things like ActionTiles or OpenHAB (but only for Wyze products), and get more buy-in into the Wyze ecosystem.

Some use cases:
(1) Have a wall-mounted a tablet near the door that shows in a single view: (a) the front door Wyze camera with 2-way audio, (b) can lock/unlock Wyze lock, and ( c) turns on/off the porch Wyze bulb.
(2) You have the Wyze app installed on a tablet and the dashboard described above pops up when someone rings the Wyze doorbell
(3) Have a phone or tablet display showing multiple cameras that cycle through your front/back/side/garage cameras, along with widgets to toggle the light grouped with the displayed camera, or set them to auto based on motion detection or Wyze sensor
(4) Replace a light switch with a wall-mounted phone or tablet in a room that can control the camera and each individual light bulb in the room.


sadly I can’t confirm or deny anything like that is in the pipeline, but knowing the route Wyze has already taken it can’t be ruled out that a complete redesign is in the works. they have recently stated that they have i believe it was 30 things being worked on in the product line. their articulation would lead me to believe that it not 30 completely NEW items but POSSIBLY a redesign of a few older great sellers. just something to keep in mind

I currently have a very expensive and large camera system, 51 very expensive cameras and nvr. That said, Wyze cameras are awesome, however on the app I would like to be able to view cameras in a vertical/horizontal tiles, i.e. 4x4, 9x9, 16x16.

It would also be nice to keep video for longer then 2 weeks, I’m spoiled since I have 128tb nvr and can go back many months. I have in many instances discovered a problem, weeks or monhs later that I need to find. Obviously the cost for this would increase and hopefully linear.

Thank you for such awesome products.

BTW, do you know that your cameras are the most recommended cameras in the fish/reefing community for monitoring tanks, et. all.

Keep up the great work and features, maybe you’ll get to the point of google’s spin off camio, where you can search for things like “show me all red trucks today”

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I have several cameras, some indoors and some aimed outside. It is very slow and cumbersome to click on a camera to view live activity, then backout, to select another camera to view live activity, etc, etc. A phone based and pc/tablet based display would be great. And much appreciated.