More auto-unlock issues, Pixel 5

So my wife recently upgraded to the Google Pixel 5 from a Pixel 2, and since she switched over the auto-unlock will not work, not even once out of the dozen or so times she’s come home without me. (I have been home already everytime she’s come home since the switch)

I’ve tried every tip and trick that I’ve read about here,

  • Cycling blue tooth and the phone,
  • Reinstalling the lock and app,
  • Cycling the auto-unlock and adjusting the address for the Geo-fence,
  • Ensuring wyze has access to GPS all the time
  • Gate way is beside the front door and we pass right infront of it walking up the steps to the front door.
  • She backs out to the main Wyze screen anytime she uses the app.

My auto unlock has continued to work flawlessly, whether my wife is already home or not.

Has anyone else had issues with a Pixel 5, or have anything else we can try.