Months later, STILL can't view clips from SD card. Camera freezes, crashes, has a massive tantrum!

And it’s getting worse. If I watch one of the 12 second clips and I click on the Playback link to view it from the SD card, the camera freezes, disconnects, restarts, and basically goes haywire. Now it’s just stuck on Getting Video Data 3/3, Try to connect: 2 times…etc…etc… repeat over and over and over.

When is this going to be fixed? My cameras are all on a very strong wifi connection, most only a few yards from the router.

I first posted about this a couple of months ago. I haven’t needed to view a clip again until today and now I’m stuck here for the past 15 minutes with my camera having a tantrum.

Any ideas? Has this been fixed yet?

what firmware you running?

what phone are you using? and also what sd card.

Look to your SD card if you aren’t also having other connection problems. I literally just finished posting this in reply to another question:
/*Here is my standard litany on SD cards, which has been born out over time in my own experience-similar to yours. I have both pans and V2’s. I had problems with spotty recording developing in established cams. I read about the High Endurance cards, designed for continuous write/rewrite cycles like video recording, picked one up and tried it. My problems stopped. Also learned about this industry standard recommended program for formatting them and switched to using it. So now I am replacing older 32gb cards with These and formatting them with This Program in my PC before using them in the cams.
I also stick to the Wyze supported 32gb cards. There are many who use and swear by larger cards and even ridicule the 32gb idea- more power to them. For me I don’t have the need for that much additional recording anyhow. This has worked for me well.

Hope it helps.


To answer the questions asked so far -

Phone - Galaxy S10.
Firmware -
SD Card - SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I card with Adapter - 98MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-032G-GN6MA

Here is the direct link to the SD card on Amazon -

BTW, after about 20 minutes and countless attempts I was finally able to view the vid but the sound was out of sync.

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scan this. He flash the firmware and reinstall it.

That’s the exact same card I used from the beginning - have used them in laptop and digital cams also. Great card.
However-what I said still holds. I switched to their HD card - link is in my earlier post.


I promoted the “high endurance” cards seemingly years ago. The only cards that those companies will warranty for use in our cams will be labeled “high endurance.”

Wyze should clearly mention this on their sales pages #seriously

PROTIP: Wyze should add that DISCLAIMER.