Monitoring tab

You get it working yet? :thinking:

Some helpful info for you:

  • Please keep in mind that the purpose of beta is to assist Wyze in uncovering and reporting bugs and usability issues before software and firmware enhancements are released to the general public. That means you will most likely encounter issues… some minor and some major. If you value stability or rely on your Wyze products for security, you may wish to forgo running the beta app or firmware. This is particularly important if your Home Monitoring system is monitored vs running in Test Mode.

  • Please remember to post beta issues in the correct category (Beta). I’ve moved your topic to Beta as your issue is related to beta participants regardless of app version or HMS firmware version.

  • Please send an app log when you encounter a beta issue and include your Log ID in your forum post.

  • Please note that Wyze Customer support is not aware of beta endeavors and cannot properly assist you with beta issues.

  • Please avoid cross-posting the same issue across numerous topics.