Monitoring Audio for Furnace Activation

Hopefully my question is posted in an appropriate place.

I monitor a property and want to verify from time to time that the furnace is coming on. The furnace is on an old-fashioned thermostat, but it works :slight_smile: I want my furnace activation to trigger an event, but it doesn’t. If I listen to hear if the furnace is on, I can just barely hear it humming, but even then the audio goes silent, then on for 5 seconds or so, then on for another 5 seconds. The volume is very low and cannot be increased. (I am using a Model 2 camera.)

Any suggestion Community? Thanks.


I have an old furnace, and though I can’t hear it so well through a nearby camera, I have thought of positioning it to look at the furnace so I could see if it was firing. I haven’t done that yet but if you have a way to safely see the flame, perhaps it could trigger a motion event.

That’s what I was going to suggest. Just aiming the camera at the same level of the flame. I was actually just checking what the right name for the burner pan is. :slight_smile:

With the magnetic mount this could be pretty simple to do.

Of course you could also try to rig something in line with a relay.

Great suggestions. I will look into that. I just found it odd that such a large noise source would not trigger an event. I don’t think the flame is visible, but will check. I had an idea to put ribbons or strands of paper on heat vents to indicate that the fan is circulating air. An inline device that emits a single loud chirp might do it too. Thanks for the idea. Or an inline tap that would revolve a disk. Anything :slight_smile:

I guess that Wyze hears a background noise as just that. Hmmmm.


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