How can I get some actual feedback from Wyze?

I have a problem getting too many sound notifications. I get one every time my furnace kicks on, even though I have the sensitivity all the way down to 1. I have tried to call several times and never gotten to a human, and I have emailed and been promised a response in 2-5 days, but it has been over two weeks. Any ideas?

I would think most of them are at CES this week. Jan 8-11. Not sure about the help desk.

Most furnaces are pretty loud, so I’m not surprised it would set off a sound notification.

For what it’s worth, from using all three different camera models over the past 18 months, I came to the conclusion that sound detection wouldn’t work for me due to everyday house and barn sounds setting them off no matter what sensitivity level I set them at. I now only use motion detection. Keep in mind, turning off sound detection does NOT disable smoke and CO alarm detection if you have those turned on.

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I put one in my attic thinking it would be quiet up there, but no. Every motorcycle, school bus, loud car sets it off. Thinking I might catch rodent noises over that was not accurate.

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