Missing SD Card from Box?

Has anybody else purchased a Wyze Cam V2 with SD card and the card was missing from the unopened box? I am having a heck of a time getting this corrected. I was told there wasn’t supposed to be a card in the box but it is plastered all over the box that it is included. This blows my mind.

Where did you buy it? Can you post a picture of the box?

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The camera was purchased at my local Home Depot. A coworker of mine had previously purchased one with no problems.

I’d suggest you take it back to HD. They’ll refund the purchase. You could also try getting support to look at this photo. Support has been really bad the last few months. You should call them and ask for the problem to be escalated. Email and chat seem to be a farce these days…1 (844) 999-3226.

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Thank you!

Make sure the camera did not already have the uSD card installed.
I have never seen any Wyze camera that came with a uSD card in the box. BTW, since that is the “Wyze” 32GB card, it’s not worth much. They are not a High Endurance card so if you are recording continuously, it likely won’t last for more than a few months. Buy the camera without the Wyze branded card and buy a better card.