Missing Events at Night

I wanted some tips so my Wyze Cam can capture more at night time. I have the complete motion option.

I have it setup on a Window looking to front of house. I have Night vision mode to auto and IR lights off. There is a LED street lamp in front of the house that provides a lot of light so it captures very well at night. It can capture cars passing through or when their headlights turn on in early morning. But a person walking by a car or sidewalk it misses that.
There is not a lot of foot traffic at night, it is a dead end street. So any events at night would be not normal.

Recently someone got into my car and the camera did not capture the event at all. I went back and looked through the SD card continuous capture and found the clip. It was my fault left the car unlocked. But between midnight and 5am it capture no events. The person walking by happened at 1:30am.

I have the motion sensitivity to 45. What is the default by the way?

Anyways any tips would be great.


You could try putting an external IR light outside if possible.


If you do a search here; you’ll find posts that say CMC does miss events. It’s likely a bug.

Default is 50 (middle position on the slider bar).

I had a v2 cam with CMC set up similar to yours… in window facing straight out to front yard and driveway, night vision set to auto, IR off, motion sensitivity set to 44, LED lamp lighting up front yard and driveway, continuous capture to SD. Car headlights would trigger an event, but people walking by would have to be less than 20’ from the camera to trigger. I ended up creating a detection zone box to cover the yard and driveway eliminating most of the street and increased motion sensitivity to 55. That setting now captures people walking by at night out to 40’, but it also increases the number of false daytime triggers generated by blowing leaves, sun/shade from passing clouds, rain and snow. The number of false daytime triggers aren’t overly excessive so it seems like a decent trade-off for increased valid nighttime triggers. I’m currently playing around with Wyze Sense PIR motion sensors outside to cover the rear and one side of my house. It’s working well so far as a better nighttime motion trigger vs the pixel-based in-camera solution. Need to keep testing for a few months more before trying it out front though. I also have some IR lights on the way to mount outside and test as @kjay recommended.

If you haven’t done so already, try creating a detection zone box to cover only the area you’re most concerned about and increase your motion sensitivity.

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