Missing device notifications, night vision settings desync

Is the newer device notifications on the Cam Pan v3 a beta feature? I only see the below.


What causes the desync with the night vision mode? Should be “Dark, Enabled” (which works, at least the enabled part). I’ve seen this happen on the V3’s also.


The newer notification settings seem to be rolling out slowly to all models of cams, as soon have it and some don’t. I’m not sure there’s much you can do to speed it up, other than checking for updates frequently.

(Someone please correct me if that is incorrect)

For the settings de sync issue, sometimes this happens if the app is unable to load the settings from the server or cam. You can try clearing your app cache in account > app settings, and force close the app. See if that updates them. You could also try toggling them off and back on.

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I noticed it took a while for it to show up on the V3’s. Wasn’t sure if it was tied to a beta version of the App (or camera F/W) which I’m not using right now. I would like to be able to search for AI detections in events, but not get notified for all types.

The procedure I took before posting…

  1. Re-enabled the settings
  2. Restarted Camera
  3. Forced closed & cleared app cache
  4. Settings still show as in the screenshot.

I didn’t try clearing app data since last time I did that was not fun and it didn’t solve anything. I’m going to try some other things.

Just force closing the app causes the d-sync. It’s temporary, it takes a little while but eventually the right settings show.

I am with you on the need to standardize server features options and menu UIs across all cams when they are released. I can understand a delay in retrofitting these to older cam firmware, but new releases should have it from the start.

The V3Pro is the only newly released cam that has both the Event Recording and Notification Settings granular UI as experienced in the older cams that have been updated thru firmware to offer it. The PanV3 has the granular Event Recording, but lacks all the granular AI Event Notification settings. The OG cams lack the granular Event Recording options, but they do have the granular AI Event Notification settings… under a completely different and new sub menu UI.

Having these features only available on some cams is very frustrating. Displaying it in a different UI for each cam is even more frustrating.

And, since these features arent available on the newer cams that were released long after it had already been shown to be affective and stable on the older cams just makes it more frustrating.

A unified app UI experience just isn’t in the Wyze Corporate Culture.