Cam Pan v3 Night Vision Conditions Won't Stay "Dark"

When I set the "Night Vision Conditions to “Dark”, it is reset to “Dusk” after a few minutes. This problem along with the home position drift issue is VERY annoying.

Please post the App version you are using and the Cam Firmware version so that testers can try to duplicate so that any potential bug can be isolated. Toggle reversions are usually caused by the app not updating the server settings and then loading the last known setting.

App Version:
Firmware Version:

Thanks! I am running the same Firmware, however I am running the 2.46 Beta App currently in testing.

But, I replicated what you are experiencing on all four of my PanV3. They are not holding the Dark setting after exiting the cam and returning to the Home tab.

Since the next App update is in development, I will report this as a bug in the Beta Release thread for 2.46. Here is a link to where it was reported to be fixed in the next App release: