Missing bulk download / auto transfer vids to external archive - accident or lockin attempt?


I bought a couple Wyze cams (the pan and the battery cam) and I really like the detection and AI. I signed up for the maximum subscription yearly Cam Unlimited Plan. The only missing piece is a way to set the system to send all videos to any external cloud storage / archive provider like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Cloud GCP storage bucket, Amazon AWS S3 storage bucket, and so on. Is this feature slated? If not it is a deal-breaker for me as I won’t buy in and support lockin platforms that don’t provide basic decency of data portability.

Has anybody found a way?

No. At least not within the Wyze eco-system. There may be some ways using 3rd party software. Never dealt with any of those, so can’t give any details.

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