Missed notification/popup in app

I had a popup within the app (these are not common) that I didn’t get a chance to read before minimizing the app. I think it was about the October 9th Person Detection name your price situation but I can’t find the notification/popup history in the app anywhere. When I switched context back to the app it auto-closed. Can anyone clarify what it said? Is there popup history? If not, shouldn’t there be? Shouldn’t this info be easily reviewable? It’s the current beta version of the android app.

This is probably what you’re looking for, popped up today.


I had a notification about a low battery on one of the devices, but when I clicked on the notification, the app opened, but I could not find which device and I could not find a history of these notifications anywhere in the app. So, I am not sure how I am supposed to find out which one is low. It was not related to person detection, but a low battery on one of sensors. I have about 15 so, it would be nice to narrow it down…

I had a popup this morning for updated firmware but not until I tried to view a camera.

This was exactly it. Nice work getting a screenshot. Thank you

A few times I’ve missed the in app pop-up, because I tap a device the second the app opens, and then the pop-up shows and disappears. Is there any way to see what I missed? Maybe some sort of notification history? I missed one just today.