Millimeter Wave human presence sensor

I would like to suggest a millimeter wave presence sensor. This video for this smart home enthusiast that built his own sensor is pretty slick and I think Wyze could do an awesome job of creating their own mmwave sensor.
mmwave sensor

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I wish more people were interested in this wishlist item. I am hoping that as Aqara’s Presence Sensor FP2 gains popularity and exposure that it will drive a higher demand for cheaper alternatives to be developed, including from Wyze. I mean just look at the AWESOME stuff these mmWave devices can do…

image image image image image

Up to 30 zones, 320 cells, plus Matter compatible, mmWave could actually be the dream answer lighting automation and room automation in general. I think almost every company will be looking into either offering mmWave in some way or else finding a way to use WiFi signals to determine when there is a person present.

But if Wyze doesn’t do mmWave, I wish they’d come up with some OTHER solution for lighting automation. ANY solution. Right now there isn’t really an option. They could allow something like “when a camera is clear for X Minutes” then turn off lights, or something like that. That is a possible solution, but for right now, we don’t have any (that I know of).

Anyway, I just added my vote to this wishlist. I hope Wyze will reconsider mmWave in the future, sometime after 2023 “Year of the camera” is over. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with finding a supplier…but since Aqara is just Xiaomi, and Xiaomi doesn’t really make much of their own stuff either (they always use ODMs for their stuff), Wyze could probably use the same or a similar supplier and modify something similar to their own specifications and add to the firmware, etc like they always do.

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I wish it would get more votes as well. mmWave will be a game changer for smarthome automations as you say Carver. I appreciate the detailed info you added to this topic as well. Hopefully these will catch the eye of other users and get this topic more eyeballs.

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I was about order the Aqara FP2 from Amazon but it was sold out. That popularity should inspire Wyze to jump into the mmWave sensors. They are so good and fast! Please make it happen!

Yeah, they went on sale and I bought up 3 of them (and so did several of my buddies). Haven’t installed them yet, but I am excited. I have all my Wyze bulbs and some other stuff linked to Home Assistant, Google and Alexa and are going to have these presence sensors control my lighting, and other stuff automatically now.

There are several other presence sensors on the market, some for as low as $10 each, but none nearly as advanced as the Aqara one yet. Seemed worth the cost for a few rooms to have it. I might get some of the cheaper ones for some other areas that don’t need as much customizability, such as in a hallway or stairway where there is only 1 zone needed anyway.

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I would love to see a mm presence sensor from Wyze!

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