Microsd card formatting

General consensus is larger microsd cards should be formatted in ex-fat. Floodlight v2 specs state same. Floodlight Pro specs states 256G Fat or ex-Fat, but the Video Doorbell v2 specs state 256G in Fat32. All from the Wyze app shop. There is no stated size or format for the Floodlight v1, but since it’s main component is the Cam v3, I assume 256G in ex-Fat format is accurate. Are the Floodlight Pro and VDB v2 Fat32 formats correct or incorrect?

Truthfully it doesn’t really matter. Both work. I have used FAT32 and exFAT on pretty much every Wyze Cam model.

You used to be required to use FAT32 because Wyze didn’t have a license to use exFAT, but they bought one some years ago and now everything has been made compatible with both.

In general I prefer FAT32 because of it’s wide compatibility and legacy support. It usually “works better” on almost everything. But SD cards greater than 32GB are formatted to exFAT by default, so I often leave them that way now that Wyze has official support for it. exFAT has the benefit of dynamic cluster sizes and storing individual files that are greater than 4GB, which is irrelevant to Wyze cam recordings. Some people believe exFAT has improved performance, but it is also more likely to be corrupted on sudden power outages.

Truth is, it doesn’t really matter. Both work fine in any Wyze camera now. Most people use exFAT because that is what the cards come in by default. But if you format them back to FAT32, they work that way still too. If you ever find a camera not working with exFAT or FAT32, please report it to us so we can ask Wyze to go fix that bug.

Just as an added note. I have NEVER needed to format a new uSD card before using it into any of my about 50 Wyze cameras. At various times I have used 32, 64, and 256 GB cards in V2, V3, original Pan, V3 Pan, V3 Pro, & V4 cameras.

Thank you ‘carverofchoice’ and ‘k6ccc’. I primarily use 128G cards and just insert in the cams. Once I did check the format on my computer and yes it was ex-fat by default. I don’t do 24/7 recording, just events for certain types of motion and sound available in cam plus. Only hit limit on a couple cards. I’m in fairly safe and stable area and based on how I have cams placed outside and with Alexa announcing, I can track activity 360⁰ around my house. The occasional coyote, oversized raccoon triggers after midnight and muskrat in the daytime are the most I’ve had to be concerned with.

I don’t use top-of-the-line cards and with 4-5 years with Wyze cams, only 2 or 3 card failures with 21 cams in various stages of operation and replacement. Silicon Power, Lexar and even Team have worked satisfactorily for me. (Yes, I know a little overkill with the cams for a safe neighborhood. I’m a techie. lol)

‘carverofchoice’ I can always count on a response from you and with detail. I look forward to your input and greatly appreciate you doing so. I’ve tried to assist and offered my insight on a few occasions. Unfortunately, I don’t visit the forum on a daily basis. I’ll try to do so more often.

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Thank you for the compliment. Use the forum however it best suits you, even with rare visits. :slight_smile: We are happy to help and appreciate anyone else who helps, but there are no activity expectations. :+1:

I can’t say that I respond to every thread, but I do usually try to at least glance through them. I do often skip answering where I see someone I trust has already gotten involved or said what I was thinking of saying anyway. :slight_smile:

Just to make sure the card works, I format it when I install a new cam. To each his own.

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