Microphone function on iPhones won't work

Have V2 camera, 2 iPhones and 1 Android use it to watch parent. Recently both iPhones won’t let the microphone function work.
Cameras are updated, firmware and app.
iPhones are 2 different models, both updated.
They both used to work with microphone, recently stopped.
Sound does come out, faint garbled electrical sounding noise when someone tries to speak through microphone.
Microphone is switched on under privacy settings on iOS.
Anybody have a similar experience?

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I have the exact same problem on my iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

Thanks for the replies everybody,. I did have them in a group which probably was a culprit. The one solo cameras microphone worked.
Unfortunately it was for a parent who has passed on.
Thanks again, Wyze cameras gave our family so much peace of mind over the few years we used them. INVALUABLE :pray::pray::pray:

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I have 11 cams in 2 groups. I don’t have the issue you are talking about.