Mic not picking up very well

I’m not sure if it’s just my unit, but unless I’m inches away from the microphone it’s not picking up much. With moderate television volume the camera picks up none of it. Please help, I need to hear the sound.

Hello @mbs40206, are you having this issue on a v2 or Pan?

V2 version

I’ve also noticed that when connected to Bluetooth, the audio from the camera is being treated like a phone call. For example when I load my camera while in my car it initiates a phone call. It’s weird and I don’t know what’s going on, but I do need to hear the audio and right now I cannot unless I’m inches from the mic. I strongly believe my unit in particular just shipped with a faulty underperforming microphone. Please let me know your thoughts because I planned on buying several of these to place throughout my home but after receiving this one I’m left a little weary.

Seems to be an issue with a few of us. Probably a small % of the unit’s sold. Two v2 cams have had this problem before and after the latest update. Probably the :microphone: in my specific case.

Have you tested the cam detecting a CO or smoke alarm? Neither of my v2 detect the alarms.

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I have not tested that but I’m sure if it can’t hear my voice from a foot away it won’t hear anything else.

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Out of my 6 v2’s I do have a mic issue with one of them but I really don’t care as I don’t use the feature.

That’s actually very refreshing to hear that out of 6 you only have 1 bad one. I think next time I’ll order directly from waze so I’m guaranteed the freshest batch.

I am having this issue as well on my V2. If I talk to my family through the app they can hear me loud and clear but I can not hear them only static noise comes through. Is this hardware or software related problem?