Mic on multiple V2s stopped working since latest App update

Since, at least, the latest App update (first I noticed the issue) the cams (3 v2s on no longer have working mics. I can speak through them via my phone (speaker works), but I can’t hear any audio, recorded or live. It all sounds like quiet white noise. Tapping the camera, which would normally make that loud “tic, tic, tic” results in nothing. The mics simply don’t work anymore.

Normally, I’d blame the hardware but on all 3 cams simultaneously? That sound like a software bug.

Anyone else experiencing this? Have a fix? Know how to roll back an update?


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@StopICU33 posted some info on roll back.

Thanks. I’m on iOS, I don’t believe the APK option will work.

No, this is only for Android. Doesn’t work on iOS. :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe that’s why they give you the choice of “tags” and I saw you chose “not phone specific”.

I do not believe the issue is device specific which is why I chose the tag I chose. Solutions being device specific is not my fault.