Micro SD cards not recognized

Hello, I tried everything listed here and still had some cameras that would not format the cards. (I own 5 V2 and Pan Scan cams). Tried 4 brands of 32gb Micro SD Class 10. Finally, I realized that I had a timer set for when the camera would record (6:20 am - 4pm). Set the recoding back to ALL DAY - and all the cameras read the cards and formatted them perfectly. Time will tell if they overwrite the oldest data when they fill up (like they should). Hope this helps🤞 good luck,

Eddie O

Had the same issue. Make aure you set the schedule to ALL DAY. (under settings - event recording - schedule) I did that after several attempts with 4 brands of cards and it workes. I own 5 Wyze V2 and 3 Pan cams and they all worked. After I was able to read and format all the cards, I re-set the schedule to my prefered recording times (6:20am - 4pm)! Good luck, Eddie O

Oh, forgot to mention that you might want to purchase a High Endurance SD Card as they are designed to be recorded on continuously (designed for Security sustems, go pros, etc…). Transcend makes on called High Endurance, Samsung Pro cards, or maybe try Sandisk Extreme go pro cards. These 32GB cards cost between $12.50 and $21 on amazon. I am currently trying the Samsung Evo Select (just experimenting with them to see how durable they are - $7.99 on amazon) dont expect them to last more than 6-12 mos, but I set my cameras to record events only and between 6:20am-4pm. Good luck

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I have exact same problem. I’ll try reformatting on window 10 machine. Even with The SD scan app I cannot re format the old cards. I purchased new cards for 3 cameras and now they all work.

I’ve had both 32 GB cards go bad in my v2 cams within a couple of months. Did Wyze release an update that rendered the cards unreadable? I’ve tried my smartphone, a tablet, a computer, and a camera…nothing can read them.

try to use endurance cards in our cameras. regular card are no meant for the continuous read/ write cycles our cameras put them through. many cards state this in their warranty.

check this post out as it may be of some use to you.

I just purchased a new Cam Pan and a 32gb mini-SD card with the Wyze trademark on it. The card does not work with Wyze Cam or with the Wyze Cam Pan but works in my Kindle Fire (5th generation). I would think that it would work in my Wyze cameras as well.

try a different card in the cameras and see if they read. if they do the problem is within the card somehow. now sure what it might be at this point. have you formatted it?

where did you get the card? directly from Wyze?

After initial testing (and satisfaction) with my first Cam Pan, I just received two new Cam Pans and two new V2 Cams and updated each to the latest firmware. I then installed brand new 32gb Class-10 SD cards in each camera. The Cam Pan’s recognized the new SD Cards and record to the cards perfectly, but neither of the V2 Cams would recognize their new SD Cards (although the same cards are recognizable, and work, in the Cam Pan’s and/or my PC.) I can remove the working cards from the Cam Pan’s and insert them in the V2’s and they are not recognized by the V2’s. I have tried everything conceivable but my new V2’s will not recognize “any” SD Cards (although those same cards have been confirmed working normally in the Cam Pan’s and other devices). I am disappointed because the V2’s are brand new. I ordered them because of the current sound detection issue with all of my Cam Pan’s.

I am out of ideas. Does anyone have any suggestions, or should I just request an RMA?

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I am in the same exact situation except I ordered 4 new V2 cameras for my second order. All 4 do not recognize SD cards that work fine in other cameras from my first order. I spent a good hour with support today troubleshooting with no good outcome. I had to send proof of my purchase and am waiting for some sort of warranty process.

That is a shame. There is clearly something very wrong with SD card support… especially with the V2 cameras. BTW, how did you manage to connect with support and how long did it take?

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I have the same problem bought two cameras. Used wyze sd card that came with it but camera doesnt recognize it tried turning off resetting but nothing thought it was camera but it wasnt swapped sd cards and same problem with one sd card not recognizable and i just bought them any help out there

My two that failed were the Patriot 32 GB LX series, Class 10.

I’ve purchased v2 cams for a family member and went with Sandisk cards. I’ll see how those hold up, but I’m going to try the Samsung Pro Endurance to replace the ones that died in mine.

I just bought 4 new Wyze Cam v2s and 1 Wyze Cam Pan. I bought 5 brand new Kingston 32GB SDHC (Class 10) cards for these. I updated the firmware to v4.9.4.37 in 2 of the cams and installed one card in each of them. One cam recognizes the card right away and one does not recognize the card. Frustrated, I tried another brand new card in the same cam and it doesn’t recognize it, either. I then used the Sandisk formatting utility to re-rormat both of the cards that didn’t seem to work. Tried them both again in the same camera and it still does not work! Please help! I don’t have a lot of time to mess with this. Why doesn’t this just work?

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Same here.
3 out of 5 cams won’t recognize the memory cards - seems to be a bad batch of V2’s.
I suggest contacting the wyze Chat option for help,
They’ll send you replacements after the appropriate troubleshooting.

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Installed Samsung Pro Endurance 64GB cards in my V2 and Pan cameras 2 weeks ago. Both cards were recognised immediately and showing 59.9 GB free space available. Been doing continuous recording in SD mode and still have over 21GB free space available as of today. I’ll see how it does when it reaches its first over-write cycle in a few days. So far, however, no problems.

Just received my 2 Micro Center 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC Flash Memory Card from Amazon and neither is being recognized in either of the 2 cams I received last week. Currently in the process of doing a full format of one of the cards to see if that helps. Frustrated!

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Still no problems with my Samsung Pro Endurance 64s. So far, still happy with the way they are working.

Sorry to hear and welcome to the club.
It’s advisable to re-format the cards with the following utility:

Upon the card insertion the cam should produce a double ding chime.
If it doesn’t and you can’t see it in the app then I’m afraid you’ve got a defective one.

Your cam is good.
The defective ones won’t recognize any SD cards from the get-go, no matter what…