Micro SD card that does not work and the chat help is useless

How do I Select at least 1 item when I don’t know what the list is?
I have been trying to insert a micro SD card and the camera does not recognize it. I have found the WYZE chat support to be useless on the only two issues I have. I bought 2 32GB onn. micro chips from Walmart. I formatted them both. One was a quick format and the other very slow. The camera does not recognize either chip. I choose a tag above but don’t recognize the one I choose. What is Android x704?

These Onn brand cards from Walmart could possibly be the problem. Have you tried a different brand SD card like Samsung or Wyze brand? These are the two brands I use in my cameras and I haven’t experienced any problems with them so far.

If the Onn brand cards are bad, you always can return them to Walmart for a refund. :slightly_smiling_face:

It looks like you chose the Android tag when you created this topic not a big deal. You could have selected not-phone-specific.

There are several threads already started with the same issue that you are experiencing like this one below:

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Ya don’t know if it is the brand of card you are using, but that this why I purchased the Wyze SD card, one less thing to worry about and easier to trouble shoot if there are any issues…

Can’t return them if opened. The only way to test them is to open… WYZE must be aware that only certain chips work.

Do the chips you use need to be formatted? If so do you do the quick format or the long ones?

Thanks so much for the reply.

@tj2me2 Have you tried testing the cards in another device to see if they’re working or not?

I didn’t have to format any of my cards. They worked straight out of the package. The only time I format a card is when it starts giving me problems and I always format them in my PC.

Edit: Wyze brand cards have a 1 year warranty. If it stops working they will replace it.

Is this the card you’re using?

Try formatting the SD card on computer using the following tool:

Format it as FAT32.

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The above formatting tool worked fine for both 32g and 128g cards.
BTW, larger cards 64g+ will be in exFAT.

One other little tidbit, but JIC, please be sure you are insterting it in the right orientation (printed side towards near cam face) and fully inserted (butt of card flush with cam body)

Regarding Official SDHC formatting tool: SD Memory Card Formatter 5.0 for SD/SDHC/SDXC
This helped me! I have formatted my SONY SDHC 32GB card using this tool and wyze cam v2 finally recognized the memory card!

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