Micro SD card size

Does the 128 gb Samsung pro endurance work with wyze 3?

It probably can but Wyze only supports 32 GB by design

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I have some of those in my cams and they work fine.

They give me 10-11 days of recording in HD 24/7. The amount of time can vary based on a few factors such as if you use night vision or it seems sometimes based on how high traffic of an area it is (maybe the FPS rate is a little variable based on the amount of motion?).

But as stated above, Wyze’s official support is 32GB.


@carverofchoice, what format do you recommend be used to format the 128 gb Samsung?

Wyze cams have ALWAYS worked much more smoothly with FAT32, so I always recommend using that.
Technically Wyze upgraded their firmware to support exFAT, but I have had more problems with that than I have cards that I made into FAT32, particularly on my Pan Cam V1…it would go through spurts of working for a while then not being recognized if I used exFAT, but was always solid with FAT32.

If you want to understand a little more what the difference is or why I primarily stick to FAT32, this is one of the clearest explanations:

It also links to a program that will format large cards to the FAT32 format (which Windows doesn’t natively allow you to do).