Michigan Meteor

Meteor can be seen at approximately 29 seconds.


That is VERY cool! Do you have your WyzeCam set up outside?

Wow, great video! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Well that’s awesome! Thanks!

Wyzcam is inside facing out. Have to have night vision turn off since it will reflect off the window glass.

Thank You, very nice.

Did that thing land anywhere, or did it burn all the way up?

That is awesome. One of my favorite user submitted videos yet. Thanks so much for sharing!



Wow! That was so cool! Great capture!!

Very cool! That’s the best use for security cameras.



Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

Now thats an amazing shot!

Thats pretty cool!

That’s better than the video of the meteor they were showing on ABC news.

So that was shot through a window and you did not have any IR LED reflection issues?

IR was turned off. Can’t use IR through glass.

Amazing video, great job

Nice, thanks for sharing :smile: