4-cam (v3) - 48 hour timelapse of snowstorm

2 cams filmed every 1 minute for 48 hours, 2 cams filmed every 2 mins.


Very cool. You can keep that snow however!

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I wish I could create something like that for all the meteor clips I have.

I miss snow…

My fav is the snow melting, top right frame. :snowflake: :hotsprings: Good vid :+1:

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ive got 4 going right now :slight_smile:

we went from about 2 inches to about 4-6 inches so far…it should be a good lapse…it will be done at 1800

Can’t wait to see it!

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Thanks! The snow melt blew me away when I saw it. Trying to get a lot more cameras for a large property I maintain - I want a timelapse of winter into spring now!

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it will take a few to do that…you are currently only able to record one month at a time.

but here’s a cool tip for you. if you can plan it well for your local hours of darkness, setting a schedule to shut the camera off at night and another to turn it on in the morning the time lapse will continue when its on and you wont have to worry about editing out all the night scenes.

I just left the night scenes in. I know it’s not “overly realistic” looking, but I think the night looks cool in this. Also my hope is to catch some late night visitors on a timelapse one day.

how do you get 4 cameras on one screen?

I downloaded all 4 and edited it in Premiere