Meteor Shower Calendar for 2021

Here is a good meteor shower calendar (screenshot from, for all you meteor watchers with V3 cameras. Enjoy!


You rock! Thanks for sharing! :smiley:


Dang, next one is almost 2 months away :frowning:

Thanks @WyseGwendolyn! :grin:

@carverofchoice My sentiments exactly. BUT, once October gets going, there’s a shower every week or two (8 of them!) until early January!! :stars: :partying_face:


I was getting ready to put one out at my new house (I just moved) to start doing this, only to find out I might as well wait a few weeks now. That will be exciting once October comes around though. Like you said, a whole bunch right after that.

I’d say go ahead and put it out. Although the peak of Perseids was a few days ago, they are still active for another week (thru Aug 24th). Tonight I was just playing around for about 15 mins with some settings around midnight (Pacific time) and had it pointed straight up (in the middle of a city) and caught a nice meteor.

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Are they enough to trigger an event ?
Nightmare to find otherwise

EDIT : I now see from this other post that they are ( youtube vid in 1st post)

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Others have more experience than me, but I’d say that some bright ones can trigger an event and probably most don’t. People have different strategies for scanning all the continuous videos. Personally, I speed up the replay of each to 10x after I open the SD card on my computer. Others may have better scan strategies. It might speed up scanning if there is a way to first fuse all the 1-min files into one long video file. Maybe there’s software for that – I haven’t looked yet.