Metal mounting disc

Can the disc be moved to another location, after being glued?

The 3M adhesive ring if very strong and not meant to be movable. Depending on the surface, it is likely that there will be some damage done when removing the disc. To remove, I suggest trying to “saw” under the disk with a piece of dental floss. Then remove any remaining adhesive with a razor blade and/or adhesive remover such as Goo Gone. If it’s a painted surface, however, there will likely be damage.

To remount the disc, you will need some new double sided foam tape. Some have used Command Strips adhesive, which is more easily removed, but also not as strong (so the camera might fall). There is a video in the support section on adhesive alternatives.

Another way of mounting is to drill a small hole in the outer ring of the gray base and use a small wall anchor. Don’t drill through the middle of the gray base as this is where the magnet is contained.

I have used Command strips (cut to size) to attach the disk to drywall, it held great and when I wanted to remove it, there was no damage.

The 3M VHB tape that comes with the disk, saw through it with dental floss and the remaining residue can be rolled up off the surface carefully. I haven’t used it on drywall.

Thanks for the quick responses, and great tips!

There was also a video by Wyze Cam that mentioned using a hair blow dryer. I didn’t watch it but did see the topic.

Anyone know where to get the metal discs alone?

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I too have been looking somewhere to find the metal discs alone but have been unsuccessful, the only place where I found them was by the website . They sell the accessories to the cameras in kits