Mesh Router Pro Set Up Question

Hello everyone.
I purchased the Mesh router pro to replace my netgear ORBI with wifi 5 . I have Xfinity internet service and I use their Modem/router. I have all my streaming devices connected to the xfinity router modem, and I use the netgear orbi system for a guest network and for my general wifi connections. I also have a 24 port wired switch connected to the xfinity router for hard wired devices

Is there any way to set up the wyze mesh pro without disabling the built in wifi router of the xfinity modem/router.

I have tried without disabling the xfinity wifi but the wyze mesh pro will not go into pairing mode. only get the steady green light.

I have also tried reset button…nothing…

If I cant use the wyze at the same time as the xfinity wifi …it will be going back and i’ll just get the new ORBI wifi 6 units which allows that

I don’t have either of the Wyze mesh routers (yet) but I believe they can be setup in bridge mode. Not sure if they need to be connected to the internet first, though.

You should be able to use it along side your other router. I don’t know why you would want to use the ISP router though (I’ve yet to see one that isn’t terrible quality). Even if it is included with your modem, you can turn off the inferior router part of the device and then use your mesh routers as the primary system. That will help reduce signal pollution reducing functionally of all your devices.

But if you are really determined to use both routers simultaneously, it should work. If you’re having problems I would contact support.

An alternative is to do as suggested above and set the Wyze routers in Bridge mode so that they act as a node for your ISP router.

Again, My main advice is to disable the ISP router and reduce signal interference issues. You can always setup the Wyze routers to use the same SSID/ PW as the Xfinity router had.


But make sure all of your connected and wireless devices connect to the Wyze Router. If you have some devices connecting to the mode and other connecting to Wyze Router, you will experience issues with them seeing each other.