Mesh Router (not pro) login creds not on bottom of unit

I’ve seen posts here stating that the default login credentials are on a label on the bottom of the root router. None of my 3 routers have it…only model number, s/n, and MAC. Can anyone share the default login? Maybe in an offline message somehow? :slight_smile:

There isn’t a default…unique for each router.

Thanks for the reply. So how do I log in? Any ideas?

If the credentials aren’t on the label, you’ll need to contact support.

@jeff7738 I think you’re just looking in the wrong spot. It’s on the same label as the the s/n and MAC, but it’s not on the left side of the label, it’s on the right half of the label at the very bottom underneath the FCC disclaimer, and to the left of the bottom line that says “Designed in Seattle Made in Taiwan” at the very bottom right. See the red arrow:

So its on the right half of the label, but the left side of that right half, basically making it at the VERY bottom of the label vertically/Y-axis and in the middle position in the horizonal/X-axis


Thanks! It’s there, in tiny type that blends in to the rest of the disclaimer. Time for new glasses, I guess. :wink: