Mesh Router + Echo Dot?

I am running two of the Mesh Routers and want to add a third hub for better coverage to my wireless cameras outside. I thought I saw in one of the marketing materials (email/website/youtube) that the Wyze Mesh system was compatible with the Echo Dot or another Alexa module, can someone confirm this? I thought it would be a good idea to add the Dot as a third hub for Alexa capabilities in the living/kitchen area where my family spends most of the time, and move the current Wyze hub closer to the outdoor cameras. Now I can’t find the notification to confirm the compatible Alexa device and do not want to purchase the Echo Dot hoping it will integrate with Wyze Mesh system. Please advise, Thanks!

My Mesh does show up in Alexa. What are your plans? Basically how do you want to control or what do you want to control?


Only works with Eero and specific echo dots:


Formfactor is close, specs are about the same, Eero may/might be making the Wyze router. Could be that the Eero (Dot) feature is not enabled. Maybe later via some licensing agreement, for all we know.

But agree with what @WildBill says/found; only Eero.

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Hi @spamoni4, thinking back on it, I now believe I was looking at the Ero system when I saw the Echo Dot compatibility, so I must have confused the two systems.

I want to add a 3rd mesh hub to expand wifi coverage to wireless cameras outside. At the same time, I was thinking that the new mesh hub could also be an Alexa control device (if that is the term) to allow voice activated controls to my Wyze devices (mainly lighting) through Alexa commands. Currently my only Alexa device is a Fire TV in another section of my home. I was hoping a 3rd hub/Alexa combo device would expand my wifi and allow voice activated Alexa commands without adding too many separate hub modules in one location for a cleaner look. At the location I want to place a mesh hub/Alexa combo unit, I already have the Wyze wireless cameral hub and my current satellite mesh hub that would be relocated.

I welcome any suggestions to add Alexa compatibility. I want to start using it more often.

As others have stated, using an echo device as a hub or Mesh extender is only available via the eero Mesh setup. There are limitations when using it in the case.

Here is a video which explains:

The Wyze Mesh Router is Alexa compatible, meaning that it will show up within the Alexa App when installed and the Wyze Skill is enabled. Within Alexa, the router can be used within a Routine both as a trigger and as an action for either Power On or Power Off.

The Wyze Mesh Router has no speaker or microphone. It cannot be used as a voice input device or output speaker. To do that you would need to install Alexa Smart Speaker devices, like the Echo Dot, in the rooms where you want voice control functionality. (I have 4 on my network).

As others have indicated, the WiFi Extender function\feature of the Amazon Alexa Echo Dots is only compatible if you have a compatible Amazon Router.

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