Merlin has issues

My bluebird feeder has been visited by a bird that is not blue. It is -4F here so I am not going to deny food to anything. All my feeders are topped up.

Here is one of the invaders

So I fire up Merlin.

I’m not too sure either of those are correct. Especially the gull.

Second attempt with a different view

That is NOT a mourning dove.

Third attempt and what @AnnWithAPlan knew right away

Carolina wren? Definitely not a woodpecker.

Of course, GIGO.


Google image search likes the Carolina Wren.


Aww, cute little Wren. Glad there is food for all. Do they like it? I might have to splurge and get some at some point.


I like it when they come up to the window and look for bugs. I’ll have to post more vids soon. I’ve been very sick all week, so it’ll have to wait.


I’m hungry. :grin:


I threw a bunch of deer corn in the field behind my house. The raccoons can eat that.

Yes. The dried mealworms are a delicacy. They really like the live ones but those are only for when there is an active nest in the birdhouse. I am looking forward to the new bluebird house.

I can’t get anything to eat dried mealworms. I thought squirrels might do for them, but no, they only eat the sunflower seeds.

Hhereee Kitty Kitty! So cute! :laughing:

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I was going to put a hungry :skunk: in Tom’s bird house but I think he suffered enough with that episode. :grin:


Or a :snake:

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