Merging Accounts

We are using Wyze cameras for a business sense. We are having employees in our various stores around the country to install the Wyze cameras under our master account. The issue is we do NOT want employees to see, view, edit cameras of other stores. With that said, whoever is installing the camera must have access to the master account.

I was initially told by a Wyze Wizard that it was feasible to have employees install the camera under a personal account, and then once I receive their credentials, I could transfer those camera(s) over to the master account. This is NOT currently a feature, but it really should be.

Please make it so that you can add cameras into an existing account/email address. It does not seem like that is impossible to do. If we are going to continue investing in Wyze, we would need this feature.

I don’t think Wyze products are intended for businesses…more for individuals.

From the Wyze Supplemental Terms for the Wyze Cam:

"Unless specifically authorized by Wyze in writing, all Wyze Cam Products and related Services are intended for purely personal use in or around your home. These Wyze Cam Terms do not permit you to use Wyze Cam Products in a business or a workplace. "

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I used to thought customer could use the camera for personal and business.

No…always personal. Just that part ignored by many.