Personal and Business Accounts?

I’m a longtime Wyze camera, bulb, outlet fan, with Cam Plus unlimited on my account.

I want to set up cameras for my community pool, which will require a separate Wyze account and Cam plus.

What’s the easiest way for me to access both systems via the app?

Will I need to constantly log out of my personal account and log into the pool? Or, can I have two copies of app on my iPhone, each with separate logins saved?

Any opinions are appreciated


At this time, you can only have one account logged in. I suppose you could get a second phone…

For just viewing cameras on the other account, you can share cameras from one account to the other. However to control / setup cameras, you would need to log into the appropriate account.

Thanks, the sharing works for day to day. Logging into biz account for changing settings - a bit of an extra step, but not a deal breaker.