App for professional installers

I am a wyze end user but I own and run a handyman business. I install cameras for folks all the time, and sometimes they’re wyze cams. I would like to see an app or a function for an installer to use their phone to install and then share the cameras with the customers. Once the customer sets up an account it would be comforting for them to receive a notification that said installers access was revoked. Most of the time my customers are with me or at least at home during the install but it’s still awkward for them to give their phone to a stranger for the setup. I have a customer that has a vacation home that I manage and they mailed me 3 cameras to setup so I’m going to have to setup a separate account, install the cameras then share them with her and she’s basically going to have to trust that I deleted my account. A professional installers app would be an excellent idea.

That’s not going to work. When you delete that account, or delete the cams from that account, the cams go with it, all offline. She will loose shared access and she will have to reinstall every one to her own account. If they are Outdoor Cams, that creates a serious issue if they are offline when deleted. Then there is the issue of subscriptions on cams being anchored to the initial users account, which are strictly non-transferable.

Best to just install them to the owners account from the get go and avoid any question of possible security breaches or unauthorized account\cam access.