Memory card & recording issues

Not sure if I am expecting something different or this is how it should work.
I have a base station with memory card recording, also have individual cards in each of my 9 cameras. Can I access the whole recordings or only through events in small snippets. Can’t find a way to look at the whole base station recordings etc.
I know I could take the card out and look at them but sort of feats the object.

The card in the base will only have all the 12 second clips and numerous thumbnail photos. If you are using Cam Plus the events are on the cloud server, not the base. The only way to view everything on the base is to take the card out and read it. The cards in the cameras will only have numerous thumbnail photos of events, no videos unless: Your are doing scheduled event recording or scheduled continuous recording. You can find more information here about the WCO and SD use. Since you say you have 9 cameras do you also have 3 bases or are the other cameras different like V2, Pan or V3?


Hi I have the wireless, pan, original and wired v3. So a variety. They never seem to record when I need them.

I just have 4 of the battery powered WCO, all on scheduled event recording to the 32GB cards in the cams They are not in real high traffic areas but they do stay busy recording events. In my high traffic area I have one V3 with a 64GB card and it is set to continuous recording. The hardest part of the WCO is getting the PIR zone in the correct location so that movement is crossing the area. I think I repositioned my cameras a minimum of 6 times before I found the “Sweet spots” :slightly_smiling_face:

Unless the “wireless” refers to the WCO I wasn’t aware that those cameras had a base station.
And remember - depending on your settings the cameras may record a bug flying by, then stop recording as the bear comes to the door.

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